Apr 6 2013

My Backyard

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Yes, I’m still participating in EditPalooza (but inching closer to done – on this round, anyway), which is why you haven’t heard much from me in social media circles… Or here.

Even so, I thought I’d sneak in another photo journal of a few backyard sightings – in my real backyard (or should I say, breezeway), and the Arizona desert that is my backyard.

A mid-week, 8-mile hike in Aravaipa Canyon was just the editing break I needed (Loved seeing a black phoebe, who flew in front of us along the creek. Had never seen one before! And, yes, that is a cardinal in the desert.) Click to enlarge photos below, and tab through:

And look what’s happening under the breezeway! This year, we have a new Hummie Cam that allows us to take photos and video with the touch of a button to our iPhones!

We noticed some building going on two weeks ago (with mama testing various nesting spots along the string). New nest is above old, damaged nest. Click to enlarge.

On Wednesday, April 3, mama had laid an egg. Click to enlarge.

On Friday, April 5, mama had laid another egg. Click to enlarge.

Here's mama tending to her nest, two little eggs beneath her. Hatching should occur around April 19 or 20. Click to enlarge.

Check out HummieCam: photos refresh every 30 seconds. You just might see mama on her nest!

What spring sightings have you seen?

Mar 16 2013

Time Out

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Yes – I am still in the midst of Edit Palooza … But I took an editing time out this weekend with hubby and his friends. (I’m really not blogging if I’m only sharing photos, right?)

Enjoy these views from our 4WD venture (with Betty) in the Box Canyon area of the Sonoran desert. (And don’t forget to click the first photo to enlarge, then tab through. It’s the only way you’ll see just how green Arizona is this time of year).