Dec 14 2013

Sonoran Scenes

Melissa Crytzer Fry

In the midst of the busy holiday season (and round two of family visitors), I thought I’d share some of the “winter” desert landscapes we’ve been treated to during the month of December. Happy holidays! And happy writing.

Dec 2 2013

Sweets of My Labor

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Amid the craziness that was my Thanksgiving, I forgot to post the “after” shots from my recent cookie-baking frenzy (and even more disheartening: I forgot to take a photo of my two completed cookie towers that were set out on Thanksgiving Day).

Enjoy these in-progress and completed cookie shots!

Black cherry-chocolate linzertortes - before the final "sprinkling." Click to enlarge.

The final 'sugared' product. Sandwiched between the two cookies: bittersweet chocolate and black cherry preserves. Click to enlarge.

Cherry chocolate chip walnut cookies. Click to enlarge.

White Chocolate Dream Cookies (orange zest gives these cookies a nice touch). Click to enlarge.

These sugar cookies and the following took a day to decorate. Click to enlarge.

Yes, those are bats that have absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving. But, as you recall ... I love bats! Even brown ones.

Chocolate-raspberry thumbprints. Click to enlarge.

My new favorite cookie: this guy with its chocolate-peanut butter base has a surprise hiding underneath. A marshmallow!

Full confession: I made a seventh kind of cookie. But it’s naughty-looking, so I decided not to picture it! You can probably imagine what it looks like by its name, “chipple.” It was a joke to get a reaction from my brothers in law. But with a brownie base and peanut butter dollop, they were pretty darn good, too.

The only thing sweeter than these treats? The time again, with my house restored to normal – finally – to curl up with a good book.

Hope your holiday was sweet!