Jun 30 2013

Me & Peppermint P

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Despite my love of the Arizona desert, this arid land is not my native home. I’m a Pennsylvania transplant of 15 years, now far away from the blustery winter days that encouraged my southwestern retreat (I don’t miss having to crawl over the backseat to the driver’s seat – in a dress suit and heels – because the back door is the only one not frozen shut).

I’m excited today to share with you a small piece of my Pennsylvania past as part of The Echoes of Objects project dreamed up by my talented writer friend, Kim Samsin.

Yes. Peppermint Patty is the topic of discussion in my guest post.

The Echoes of Objects Collection – with the tagline “What we saved and why it matters” – aims to explore the ways in which we invest objects with meaning …  especially those of us who have moved far away from our birthplaces. As Kim says in her rationale about the Echoes project, “Mementos of home survive not because of any financial value (though they may be priceless on the open market) but because of our emotional attachments to them, the stories and people that blast back into our minds the minute we see them again.”

I hope you’ll stop by to read my short post, “A Peanut for Your Thoughts,” about an unassuming piece of plastic that has ‘stuck around’ from childhood to adulthood. (If you wish to comment, it’s easiest to come back here — or, on the post, to hover at the right of the article and look for the “+” sign or one of the numbered boxes,  which will allow you to log in via Twitter to comment).

P.S. Those of you who have moved far from home: Kim is looking for more contributors to the Collection. Contact her on Twitter or her blog, Kimperative, if you’re interested in participating.

14 Responses to “Me & Peppermint P”

  • Julia Munroe Martin Says:

    I will definitely check this out — intriguing!!

  • Kim Says:

    Melissa, I love the tale of Peppermint Patty so much and I love the way it fits in to what I hoped this collection might eventually be. (Also, I’m selfishly thrilled to have another former Pennsylvanian taking part.) I love that you never looked at her and said Nah, this time I’m going to have to let you go. Thank you so much for writing her up and sharing her.

    (and YES, anyone else who has a good idea for this collection, let me know! Medium invites are still trickling out slowly but I can invite people to participate.)

    Melissa Reply:

    Wait… did I know you were from PA? What part?

    Kim Reply:

    Southwestern PA–I grew up in steel-mill country about 30 minutes from Pittsburgh. I can yinz with the best of them, but I try not to 🙂

  • Donna Says:

    I love the Peppermint Patty story! What an amazing Dad you have.

  • Laurie Buchanan Says:

    I’ve already fallen – hard! — for your dad. What a terrific father.

  • Cynthia Robertson Says:

    I agree with Laurie – Dad sounds wonderful. 🙂
    (Tried to comment on the other blog. No success.)

  • Annie Neugebauer Says:

    ^Same; I couldn’t figure out how to comment there, so I came back here. Just wanted to say I love your story! Your dad sounds super sweet, too. =)

  • Christine Grote Says:

    I really think we need a picture.

    Melissa Reply:

    As one might expect, he shies away from cameras. But I may have to dig up a wedding picture (he couldn’t escape the photographer then!)

  • Jessica Vealitzek Says:

    So touching; made my heart squeeze a bit.

    We must be on the same wavelength lately; my post today is about reminiscing.

  • Hallie Sawyer (@Hallie_Sawyer) Says:

    Isn’t it funny the little things we remember from our childhood? This post made me realize that it is how those little moments make us feel rather than the act itself that make the memories stick. I’m so glad you were able to see that side of your dad and that he was selfless enough to share it with you. Mine was not. Peppermint Patty has forever changed in my eyes. Love you girl and love this post. xo

    Melissa Reply:

    Yes, Hallie, it IS about “feeling,” isn’t it? Those moments of ‘seeing’ my dad have been few and far between, so I understand quite well what you’ve experienced. I know your Dad and mine share the same painful war. I love you, too, and thank you for your kind words.

  • Jolina Petersheim Says:

    I love your heart in this, Melissa. I could just see you and your father in the theatre, and his love for you as he tries to cheer you up. I would keep Peppermint Patty on my desk, too. Thank you for sharing this tiny bit of your huge heart!