Feb 8 2013

Flying South

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Yes, I’m a bit bird obsessed. My posts about great-horned owls, great-horned owlets, barn owls, hummingbirds, ravens, vultures, hawks and kestrels prove it.

To see further evidence of my bird obsession, read my recent guest post with Christy Peterson, over at Tweets & Tree Frogs. She asked me to share a bird common to southern Arizona’s backyards, and I chose another of my favorites: the comical cactus wren. Christy’s delightful blog explores backyard wildlife, outdoor excursions and sightings, and kid-friendly outdoor activities. Thanks, Christy, for having me!

Cactus wrens are notoriously difficult to capture on film because they are always moving. Click to enlarge.

But before you head on over to Tweets & Tree Frogs for a little educational dish on the chug-chugging cactus wren, note that I’ll be displaying some of my own bird-like behavior.

Just like migratory birds (and bats) that fly south, I’m going to dip into my bat cave for a bit. OK – I don’t have a bat cave, nor am I nocturnal, but I will slip behind my computer monitor. You’ll hear nary a chirp from me in the social media world.

I’ll see you back – hopefully in May or June – after Melissa’s EditPalooza! (I’m taking notes from author Sarah McCoy, who is participating in her own social media break, titled Hermitage 2013, while  she writes her third novel … one I can’t wait to get my hands on!).

Like a migrating bird coming back for the warmth of spring and summer, however, I, too, will return.

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