Aug 1 2010

Visitors @ my Window

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Like many writers, I have cats (at least it seems that authors have cats … I could be wrong, making such a blanket statement). So, when I heard a “thud” at the window, I assumed it was one of my furry kids batting at a bug or fly that had somehow gotten into the house.

When both cats appeared from opposite sides of the room, running toward the window, I was a bit puzzled. I knew something had collided with the glass doors, but it didn’t sound like the typical “bird-on-window” echo. To my delight, I looked out and saw two baby rock squirrels zipping around.

One of two baby rock squirrels visiting at my writing window, this little guy stretches up to eat some mesquite leaves. Click to enlarge.

Rock squirrels are the equivalent of the common squirrel throughout the U.S., only they burrow in the ground and have a grayish/silver sheen, as seen above. While I think they are adorable, they were responsible for ‘stealing’ the very first cherry tomatoes I ever grew in the desert! Very thrifty little fellows!

They played outside long enough to allow me to photograph them. One even came back the next day to play with my girl, Niña – about four different times. I was lucky enough to capture this event on video, as seen below:

2 Responses to “Visitors @ my Window”

  • K Says:

    Funny, funny video! Reading your blogs is enlightening. The rock squirrel, vulture, june bug and all the other creatures are important creatures to the welfare of the desert. It is poetry to read your observations and how a writer can REALLY learn and get material from our every day life. Thanks for the entertainment and knowledge.


  • Melissa Crytzer Fry Says:

    Thank you, K, for your insight. I’m glad you’re enjoying the desert through my eyes. I hope writers find some lessons from their own surroundings as well. I’ve really been enlightened this past year by the outdoors.


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