Jun 25 2010

Friday Photo: Kryptonite

Melissa Crytzer Fry

I’m not well versed in Superman trivia, but when I saw this lichen on a rock during a recent hike, I immediately thought: Kryptonite! It was almost glowing from the rock’s surface; I assume it is “young” lichen, as other nearby rocks sported the less spectacular sea foam-colored lichen. Isn’t nature cool?

Lichen – a.k.a. “Kryptonite” photo taken at Saddle Knoll in Pinal County, Arizona.

Consider this, writers: Kryptonite is the one true weakness of Superman, an otherwise unassailable hero. What are the weaknesses of your novel’s “super” heroes? Remember: they have to have fatal flaws/weaknesses to be believable.

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