Aug 20 2014

New Nesters

Melissa Crytzer Fry

For years, we have watched hooded orioles attempt to build in our LED lights. And for years, strands of building ‘materials’ dangled unfettered with no real progress. Each time, the orioles moved on.

But this year, things changed. Take a peek at the phenomenal nest-building process, and visit our Oriole Cam for real-time, periodic snapshots of mama with her babies.

July 30. This is the most activity we've ever seen by mama oriole.

August 1. Look at that build-up. Click to enlarge.

August 16. I had been away from home for two weeks and came back to this! Click to enlarge.

August 16. And look what's inside: speckled eggs! Click to enlarge.

August 17. Mama oriole checking on the kids. Click to enlarge.

August 18. Looky! Babies hatched (we think we see two) right after I returned home. Click to enlarge.

Enjoy Oriole Cam over the next few weeks as the babies grow. I know I will!

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