Jun 22 2014

Around the Ranch

Melissa Crytzer Fry

We are experiencing a severe drought in Arizona, and while it is difficult to watch the wildlife struggle amid the oppressive heat and non-existent rain, I am always in awe of their resilience. My fingers, toes and every hair on my head are crossed … hoping, praying we get rain soon.

Our baby buck visitor (mule deer) sports his unevenly growing antlers as he forages under the palo verde tree. Click to enlarge.

Mama mule deer is captured by our trail camera. This is the same mother who visited last year (we can tell by the tears in her ears and her skin condition on the cheek). Click to enlarge.

He may not be pretty, but the vulture is vital to "clean up" activities. Found him sunning behind the house one morning. Click to enlarge.

Another black bird (but way cuter, in my opinion): the raven. I've never seen them eating saguaro fruit before and wonder if the drought is calling for unconventional survival measures? Click to enlarge.

Our two dove babies fledged on June 15 & 17, respectively. Click to enlarge.

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