May 25 2014

Sonoran Snapshots

Melissa Crytzer Fry

What I’ve seen in the springtime desert (don’t forgot to click to enlarge):

View from my desert writing spot.

Iron Cross Blister Beetle.

Ocotillo blooms and mountain views.

This cactus flower was so vibrant, I was sure someone had planted a silk flower along the dirt road.

Yes, that is a full-grown coachwhip snake hanging from this mama hawk's nest.

Like last year, we have a mama & baby buck mule deer hanging around the house.

If you look closely, you'll see a bee lifting off, pollen sacs BURSTING with the yellow stuff from these saguaro blooms.

This isn't just a photo of the train trestle and paloverde blooms. Look to the right. See mama mule deer?

Hope you’re seeing spectacular springtime sights in your neck of the woods!

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