Dec 4 2011

Soft Brushstrokes of the Arizona Sun

Melissa Crytzer Fry

The southwest’s beauty is perhaps at no time more spectacular than the winter months, when improved air circulation results in pastel hues stretched across expansive sky, the product of the sun’s soft brushstrokes against clouds.

Winter sunrise above the Galiuro Mountains. Click to enlarge.

Pinks, roses, even scarlet reds … these vibrant colors fill the space between earth and atmosphere at both dusk and dawn. They influence everything around them, transforming dull brown cliff faces to Sedona-red splendor. But what does any of it have to do with writing?

Everything, really.

Sunset on the train trestle behind our home. Click to enlarge.

To read more and view additional photos, visit me at Daisy Hickman’s Sunny Room Studio, where she graciously invited me to share my guest post on her blog: “Capturing the Sun of Inspiration.”

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